Notting Hill Genesis & Transport for London


Commuter Parking

There will be no commuter parking except for eight disabled parking spaces.

In order to reduce the number of car journeys and help improve air quality in Northwood. Sustainable travel initiatives such as car sharing and information on the demand responsive bus, would be offered to local businesses in the area.

We would like to meet as many employers as possible to ensure that these measures achieve the greatest possible uptake and success.

This investment will have long term benefits and improve air quality in Northwood – replacing the car park would achieve none of this.

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Residential Parking

  • The proposals will include up to 65 parking spaces.
  • An electric car club vehicle space will be available.
  • The majority of residents who are likely to move to properties close to good transport links are less likely to own a car.
  • The rise of motoring costs, access to taxi hailing services and changing lifestyles mean that it is no longer desirable to drive for many young people.